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What better way to advertise to your direct target audience and support your associates then advertising in one of Montana West Trade Company's Profile Magazines? Your advertisement can be created by Montana West or provided by you to be displayed in the high quality profile magazines of your choice. Please read below for details on all file submissions, and sizes.

1/4 Page Ad
3.645" wide x 4.975" high
Full Colour Process
*Click image to
see sample ad
1/2 Page Ad
7.615" wide x 4.975" high
Full Colour Process
*Click image to see sample ad
3/4 Page Ad
7.375" wide x 6.625" high
Full Colour Process
*Click image to
see sample ad
Full Page Ad
8.5" wide x 11" high
Full Colour Process
** if providing a full page, at least 1/8" full bleed is required.
*Click image to see sample ad

For more information on purchasing advertising space in Montana West Publications, or for prices, please email Lawrence Uniac at sales@montanawesttradeco.com

WHAT SHOULD YOU PROVIDE if Montana West is designing your ad?
It is important that you provide Montana West with information to create your ad.

• CONTACT INFORMATION: Typically, a business card with your company's Contact information is great to work from. Your information can also be emailed to us, or faxed/written with any alternate copy you might wish on your ad. Perhaps a slogan, point forms of what services you provide, or info.

• LOGO: Your company Logo will be needed. If you have a good quality business card or advertising piece with your logo on it, there is always a possibility of scanning your logo in. Though, in order to get the best reproduction of your logo, emailing us your logo in High resolution, (preferable vector artwork) is the best idea. You can have your printers, or personal designers send this to us by email. If you do not have any digital files of your logo, please provide us with the largest and best quality copy of your printed logo to scan. Website graphics are far too low resolution for us to use. Please see our Specs page below for details on files we take.

• IMAGES: If you have any images you want in your advertisement, please let us know. You are welcomed to email us images you wish to use. Please be sure to include high resolution images. If using web graphics of your images, please note the images must be larger, and some might not be able to be used. Please email us with any questions.

WHAT SHOULD YOU KNOW if you are sending us a created ad?

• Already Created Ads: If you have an ad you wish to replicate, or have resized by us to fit into our specifications. Please feel free to email us the ad. If you are able to send us the working files from your designers or printers that would be the best way. If not, providing a fax or picture of it will work. But please not, if providing a proof to us, we will not be able to use the images and logos in that already created ad, unless it is the actual designers files. Please visit our Spec sheet below to see the files we accept.

• Your Designers: If you would like to have your personal designers produce the advertisement for you, please refer to our spec sheet below for all file requirements. As a quick run down, the ads must be high resolution (at least 300dpi) all fonts must be provided or converted to outlines.

* We do not accept Word documents for layout (only text), Corel Draw, publisher, Painter, or Excel Files.
View or Specification and Requirements PDF online!
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Telephone: (519) 208-7700  E-mail: sales@montanawesttradeco.com